Monday, February 17, 2014

valentine's day

Valentine's was such a great day this year.  I can say that it was one of the very best for both of us.  Nik got to my house and told me to come out to his car because he had something for me.  When I got in the car he handed me some beautiful red roses.  He then handed me several other things including chocolate, a Salt Lake Community College t-shirt, and a metal rose that he handmade in his welding class.  Everything he gave me was just so perfect.

We came into my house and I gave him a card, an Eastern Carolina University sweatshirt, a North Carolina Sticker, a blanket, and a Duck Dynasty t-shirt.  It was so much fun seeing his reaction.  We love giving gifts just to see each others reactions.  After that we watched Definitely, Maybe.  I'd say it was a pretty good movie.

Nik then took me to the mall and he bought me a University of North Carolina flat brim hat!  I have always wanted a flat brim hat so he was making my silly dream come true haha.  After walking around the mall for a while we went to Spice Bistro and ate a yummy Indian dinner.  We had chicken curry and chicken briyani.  We got both of them flavored with hot spices.  They were super good and they weren't even too hot for me!  It was such a nice, romantic, candle lit dinner.  After dinner we came back home and watched Spirit because it is one of Nik's favorite movies.  I will say that this was one of the best Valentine's yet and I can't wait for more!

We got matching sweat pants and t-shirts for both of our schools!

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