Wednesday, May 21, 2014

bear world

The first three weekends that bear world is open the admission is half of so we decided to go!  We first drove around and saw many different kinds of animals.  We saw mountain goats, deer, bison, elk, black bears, brown bears, and moose.

It was so fun to drive around because a lot of the animals got really close to us.  I loved seeing all the deer just watch us.  One of the bears was right next to the road and was just laying there eating.  He was so huge!  Another bear was swimming in some muddy water and it was so funny to see him splash the water and have a nice time.

The little bear cubs were so cute.  We wanted to feed them so bad but it was quite expensive.  We are saving up our money to go back and feed them.  It was so fun to watch them jump up on the workers and play with them.

I had never pet a goat before and let me just say that they are one of my favorite animals now.  At first I wouldn't pet them but Nik convinced me I could do it.  They were super friendly and loved it when you pet under  their chin or behind their ears.  One of the goats loved it so much that his ears would move up and down as I pet him haha.

We had a great day at Bear World and can't wait to go back!  I also want to pet the goats again. ;) Feeding the cute bear cubs would also be pretty sweet.

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