Monday, June 23, 2014

birthday weekend

Guess who turned 21 over the weekend!  We celebrated my birthday on Saturday since we wouldn't have very much time together on Sunday.  Nik and I started off by going to Sugar House park with Lucy.  We walked in the stream and enjoyed our walk around the park.  It was funny watching Lucy in the water.  She is always making us laugh.

After the park we drove around Sugar House and got some hawaiian ice from hokulia.  We got a medium to share and it was bigger than our faces!  Our flavors were tigers blood, passion fruit, and pina colada.  The tigers blood was our favorite and the hawaiian ice was so delicious!

We tried to go swimming at Nik's apartment afterwards but the pool was closed.  We tried to go swimming Friday night but it was too cold.  We were quite sad that we couldn't swim all weekend.  We will have to next time though!  Instead we went to Crown Burger and got some sweet potato fries.  They are delicious and really addicting haha.

My beautiful bouquet that Nik got for my birthday.  My favorite flowers!

Later, we were driving and Nik pulled over.  There was an antique shop and a massage place.  He told me that we were going to get a massage from this sketchy looking place and I was scared haha.  Instead we went into the antique shop and it had some pretty sweet things.  Nik bought me a pair of earrings that are golden and pearly.  I love them so much!  It was so much fun walking around the shop talking about how we will decorate our house.

We went to dinner with my whole family at Texas Roadhouse.  We stuffed ourselves with their delicious rolls and cinnamon honey butter.  We enjoyed spending time with my family and laughing.  Nik told the waiter that it was my birthday so for their birthday traditions they make you sit on a saddle while they sing to you.  I wouldn't get on but I did it just for Nik.

After dinner we opened lots and lots of presents!  My family and Nik sure did spoil me this year.  I got lots of clothes, jewelry, RAM for my laptop, lotion, yonana, Nikon D5200 dslr, and many other things.

When I opened the camera I didn't even notice that it was a different one than the one we decided on.  I then noticed that the screen on the back flipped open and I asked Nik if he got a different camera instead.  He said yes and I looked at the box and read D200 and thought "hmm, I've never heard of this number."  On my birthday, when we were driving around to take pictures he pointed out that it was a D5200 and I freaked out haha.  We both thought it was funny how I didn't even notice I had a D5200 camera until the next day!  We had a blast taking pictures together and trying out the new camera!

This was seriously one of the very best birthdays.  Thanks to my wonderful family and Nik. :)  I am so blessed to have Nik by my side making me laugh, smile, and be happy.  He stole my heart and changed my world forever.

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