Thursday, June 12, 2014


Nik's family finally moved into their house!!  It's so exciting to finally have their beautiful house done.  May 31st they had a housewarming party to celebrate.  We ate lots of Thai and Tamil food.  Plus tons and tons of mint brownies haha.  We all got dressed up in traditional Tamil clothing straight from Sri Lanka.

They added some beautiful flowers to the front after the picture was taken. :)
We started off the party by everyone going outside.  Nik's family then came up to the door and cut the ribbon that was across the door.  Middu shot off a confetti thing into the house and then everyone came inside.  Nik's whole family took turns lighting a little candle lamp and then they dedicated the house.

Nik had one of his cousins send me a beautiful salwar from Sri Lanka.  I love the purple and the bright turquoise.  I am so happy that it actually fits too!  I just love all the bright, beautiful, and unique traditional clothing.  I can't wait to actually go to Sri Lanka!

After dedicating the house we ate tons and tons of delicious food.  We had a great time talking to everyone that came to celebrate with us.  We also took tons and tons of pictures!

I love this wonderful family.  Don't they look so nice in their traditional Tamil clothing?  I love how all the boys are matching. :)

I am so excited to go to Sri Lanka one day in the near future.  I am so blessed that I met this wonderful family and that they accept me into their family and culture.  Congratulations on the house!

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