Wednesday, June 4, 2014

memorial day

Nik came up to Rexburg for Memorial Day weekend!!  It made me so happy that he took the time to come up.  We started off the weekend by going to the Rexburg farmer's market.  They had a bunch of weird things but we had a good time.  Nik bought me some purple beaded native american feather earrings.  They are super sweet and cute.

Saturday morning we worked on some homework and then headed to the Sandbar.  It was nice and sunny outside but the water was no where warm enough to get in.  We stuck our toes in and they about froze off.  There were a few people swimming and we don't even know how they did it.  Nik tried to throw me in and lets just say I would have been pretty upset haha.

We ate tons of beef jerkey, pringles, and gatorade.  We just spent the whole afternoon laughing and having a great time.  It felt so good to soak up some sun with my bestest friend.  We can't wait until it gets warm enough to actually swim in the river!

After the sandbar we worked on more homework.  I helped Nik finish some of his biology homework so that was quite exciting.  We barely finished one of his assignments that was due at midnight but we did it!  We also enjoyed a nice dinner at Nielsens.  Our concrete shake sure was delicious along with the endless fries!

We had a few different barbecues for Memorial weekend.  It was our first time trying to barbecue and we faced some struggles haha.  On Sunday we grilled some steaks and shish-kabobs.  The steaks literally took forever to cook but they didn't turn out too bad.  We also grilled some hot dogs at the park on Memorial day with one of Nik's mission buddies and his wife.

I ended up getting super sick the whole weekend.  We are pretty sure I had the influenza.  I was always freezing cold and then a minute later I would get a super bad fever.  Nik wanted to take me to the hospital my fever was so high.  I am just so glad that Nik was here to take care of me.  He always made sure I was taking some medicine on time and that I was feeling okay.  I don't know what I would have done without him!

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