Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of july

This was one of the best fourth of July's yet!  Nik and I started off the holiday by getting a big slurpee from 7-11 and a pizza.  The slurpee was so delicious.  I didn't realize how much I missed and loved slurpees!  I think they might just be our new addiction.

It took us a while to find a place to park.  We even tried parking at The Dodo but a worker came out and told us we couldn't park there.  Luckily we found a spot in the neighbor hoods.  We walked over to the park and it was so hot.

We found a spot in the shade to cool off and then we would move to a better spot for the fireworks once it was dark out.  We worked on some homework and tried to relax even though these bugs and mosquitoes were attacking us.  No matter where we moved there was always a ton of bugs trying to eat us.

We went to find a bathroom before we got a good spot for the fireworks.  There was a really long line and none of the bathrooms had any toilet paper so we were waiting forever.  I was still waiting in line when Nik told me to hurry out because the fireworks had already started.

Right outside the bathroom was actually a really good spot so we set up the camera really fast.  There was a little kid behind us and every time a firework went off he would yell "baaahhhha" really loud.  He did it for about 15 minutes straight.  Every time he yelled Nik and I would just start laughing.

The show ended and we walked around the park for a little bit.  We got a funnel cake with powdered sugar, chocolate, coconut, and strawberries.  Man it was so delicious.  Definitely a highlight of the night.

Saturday night Nik and I bought some sparklers.  We had so much fun trying to spell words together.  It was quite a struggle for us sometimes though haha.  Once we kind of figured it out we got some really cool pictures.

We have done long exposure pictures before with flashlights but it is so much cooler to do it with sparklers.  The pictures just look so nice!  We had so much fun doing them too.  We found it was best to set the shutter speed to about 13 and the aperture to about 11.

Thank you for the best 4th of July Nik!  We are both so grateful to be living in America and have our freedom.  Thank you to everyone that helps serve our country!

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