Tuesday, July 29, 2014

beaver dick park

My last weekend in Rexburg I woke up to a text from Nik saying to call him.  I wanted to go back to sleep but I decided I better call him.  He asked what I was going to eat for breakfast and I just thought I don't know I just want to go back to sleep, why did he want me to call him?  The next thing I know Nik is standing in my apartment.  Man he surprised me so much this semester!

We started off the weekend by eating breakfast and getting Jamba Juice.  Then we headed over to the library so that I could work on some finals.  After taking a really long test we headed to beaver dick!  The water was pretty cold but Nik jumped right in with all the little fish.  He is a lot braver than me!

I finally got in the river with him and we swam over to an island.  There were tons of rocks and Nik was too kind to carry me so I didn't have to fully swim and walk in the rocky water.  Such a sweetheart.  We also spent hours and hours trying to catch the millions of tiny fish.  We were unsuccessful but we never gave up!  We will catch one one day.

After swimming we headed home and went to dinner at The Hickory.  The food was good and our strawberry lemonade was so delicious!  I'm still craving the strawberry lemonade it was so good.  The only bad thing was our waitress was really rude and annoying.

We spent the rest of the night hammocking until Nik was fast asleep and the sprinklers turned on.  Not so fun haha.  We went to church together the next morning.  I love sitting next to Nik while at church.  It is the best feeling in the world.  So blessed to have him in my life!

After church Nik helped me with a ton of my final projects.  I couldn't have done it without him.  Thank you for always helping me and making me laugh Nik.  I love you beyond words.  Thank you for surprising me so many times this semester.  You really are the best.

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