Wednesday, August 27, 2014


About two weeks ago my family went boating with some of my cousins so of course Nik came along!  We drove up to Pineview because my family went up there a few months ago and they really enjoyed it.  We got there pretty early so that we could grab a little beach.

We started off with Nik trying to wake-board.  He has never wake-boarded before and has never seen anyone actually do it.  He threw on the first life-jacket he saw and jumped on into the cold lake with the wake-board on.  I noticed that the life-jacket was barely keeping his head above the water.  My dad said that it was just because of the wake-board and that once he got up he'd be fine.

We slowly start pulling Nik to get the rope straight and he was completely dragging in the water.  I was yelling for him to let go of the rope.  Still thinking that this wasn't a good decision Nik just took off the wake-board and said he wanted to come in since he couldn't breathe and his life-jacket was so tight but not even holding him up.  When he took of the life-jacket we realized that he put on Jenna's instead of Andrew's and that's why he was sinking out there haha.

After Nik's near death experience we headed over to the marina and rented a paddle board.  I have always wanted to try one and let me just say that it is a lot harder than it looks.  Maybe it depends on your paddle board and how good the quality is but I thought it was really difficult.

We spent the rest of the afternoon eating, boating, tubing, and just relaxing.  Even though the water was cold and there was a million boats out we had a great time.

We found a nice spot that wasn't so wavy that we boated around in.  The only bad thing was that it was pretty shallow.  There were two red buoys and we didn't know what they were.  I told my dad we probably shouldn't drive past them because maybe it was too shallow over there.  While my dad was wake-boarding my mom was driving we actually ended up hitting the bottom.  Pretty scary but our propeller is okay just a little scratched up.

After lots and lots of tubing we headed off because it was starting to get dark.  I love boating so much and I'm so glad Nik could finally come with us!  Can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


A week ago Nik and I took Abby, Emily, and Halie to the aquarium.  The first time we went Nik and I got bounce back tickets for free since all of the animals weren't there yet.  It was so much fun to go back and see all the different animals they had added since then.

This time I actually got up the courage to touch the sting rays.  I had to close my eyes and Nik just pushed my hand in until I touched it.  They were really squishy and weird!  I am glad that I finally did it though.  All thanks to Nik's help!

I think the one of the coolest things in the aquarium is the underwater bridge.  I've never been in anything like it and it just feels so cool.  You feel so close to the fish and sharks.  This time there was a big shark just laying on the top of the bridge.  It was the strangest thing but it was so awesome!  We also saw a turtle swimming around in there which was really neat.

All of the sharks in the tank seemed to be a lot bigger than last time we saw them just a few months ago.  It makes me wonder what they do with the sharks when they become too big for the tank!

I sure do love this boy.  He is always trying to make me laugh and smile.  I love our crazy times together just being silly.

We decided to walk across this little bridge that they had.  It was quite an adventure while wearing flip flops.  Nik was the first to go and his flip flop got stuck in the side so he had to bend down and pull it out.  Mine almost got stuck but luckily I didn't fall haha.

Nik loves making us pose for silly pictures haha.  Everyone ended up having a great time at the aquarium just laughing the whole time.  Halie thinks Nik is just hilarious so it made it super fun.  This was one of the best days yet.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

gooding, idaho

Last weekend Nik and I drove up to Gooding, Idaho for one of his companions homecomings.  Nik was Elder McHan's trainer so it was fun to go up and meet him.  We started heading up Saturday evening and had a nice drive.  It was pretty because we were also in the middle of nowhere.

We met Mike's family and then we went outside to see the horse, cows, rabbits, chickens, dog, and cats.  It was quite an adventure to see all the different animals.  The rabbits were so huge.  I have never seen a rabbit so big before.  I don't really like cats because they always scratch me.  They had a bunch of kittens and once Nik finally got me to hold it I changed my mind about cats.

We talked with the family and then headed to bed.  I shared a room with two teenage girls and two little girls that wouldn't go to bed.  Lets just say I didn't get any sleep that night.  The next morning we headed to church for Mike's homecoming talk.  It was fun to hear different mission stories from Mike and Nik.

We got home from church and took some pictures of their beautiful yard.  They had a huge garden that was so pretty.  Nik and I hope to start a garden one day.  Maybe not as big as theirs though haha.

We ate lunch with their family and all their extended family.  We had a fun time talking to everyone and playing with all the kids.  We would push them on the swinging chair and pull them around in wagons.  All the kids just had a blast.

After playing with the kitties one last time we headed home.  Driving up to Idaho with Nik was a blast.  We are always laughing and having a great time.  Can't wait to explore the whole world with him.

Friday, August 8, 2014

car accident

Wednesday afternoon Nik and Dharshan started heading to work while I started to head home.  I always keep my phone on silent because I don't like it vibrating and I can never hear it when the volume is on.  Especially when I am driving.  As soon as I got home I pulled out my phone to see three missed calls from Nik and a text message saying "In a car accident.  Freaking call me."

Last week Nik did the same thing to me as a joke because he can never get a hold of me when he needs to.  This time I just knew he was being serious for some reason.  With my heart pounding I called him and then headed straight over to state street.

Dharshan was the one driving along state street close to 33rd south.  He was going north when all of a sudden he sees a car coming at him.  He only saw the car for about ten seconds before it hit the driver side.  The car was pulling a U-turn and didn't see Nik and Dharshan for some reason.

After calling the cops and getting everything figured out the other driver was given the ticket and Nik had to tow his car to the Karl Malone auto body shop.  I drove them down to check the car in and then we headed to instacare to make sure they were alright.

After doing some xrays the doctor said they were alright and gave them both 800mg ibuprofen to help with the pain.  We went home and I helped ice Nik's back and try to make him feel better.  The next day the doctor called and said an xray specialist looked at their xrays and found out Dharshan has a fracture in his back.  If both of them don't start feeling better in a week then we have to take them to physical therapy!

I'm so glad that they didn't get seriously hurt.  I learned my lesson and am always going to have my phone on so that I can hear it.  Hopefully Nik and Dharshan's backs will heal up soon!

Monday, August 4, 2014

snake river

Saturday morning Nik and I woke up at 4:40 to start our way up to Alpine, Wyoming.  It was so beautiful watching the sunrise on our drive.  It was quite a nice drive, even though our GPS got a little confusing and we thought we were getting lost haha.

It was very pretty driving through the mountains.  We even spotted about four big deer cross the road in front of us.  They were standing in the middle of the road so we stopped and watched as they ran away.

We met up with my family, cousins, and headed over to the drop off area.  We pumped up our rafts and were soon on our way.  The water was freezing cold and made our feet go numb after being in for a while.

It was a lot of fun rafting down the river.  It was Nik's very first time and he loved it.  Whenever I looked over at him he had a big smile on his face.  It was the cutest thing and made me so happy.  I always want to see him smiling like that.

The first big rapid we hit was Big Kahuna.  It didn't look too big until we were going through it and there was this ginormous wave.  We didn't hit it straight on but everyone on our raft fell in!  Luckily we all fell into the raft instead of out of it haha.  It was really funny because the raft was so slippery and we couldn't get up.

The next big rapids were Lunch Counter, Ropes, and Champagne.  Nik and I were at the front of the raft so we got the wettest.  All I remember is big huge waves coming over the top of my head.  Nik always made sure I was okay though.

We ate lunch and then we started rafting it again.  The second time Nik and I sat at the back because we didn't want to get soaked again haha.  Storm clouds started coming and it got really cloudy so it was a lot colder this time.  It seemed like all the rapids were a lot bigger this time too.  It started raining and we were all freezing.

While we were rafting we saw a bald eagle and a golden eagle.  It was such a cool experience.  The bald eagle flew over us quite a few times and then we saw it eating a fish on the river bank.  It spread its wings out and they were huge.  It was so cool to see an eagle so close!

We had such a great time rafting the snake!  It was hard to drive up and back in one day but we made it in one piece!  Can't wait to go on many more adventures!