Tuesday, September 2, 2014

sister schmutz

August 21 we headed to the airport to pick Jenna up from her mission.  She was finally on her way home after 18 months!!  We made a few posters, a banner for the garage, hung up a Louisiana flag, and had flowers for her.  We were all so excited!

Nik got to the airport before my family so he got us a really good spot right up close.  We were there about an hour early and just stood there waiting in anticipation.  We talked about what we would do when we saw her and who would get the first hug.

We saw her coming down the escalator and then she came over and gave everyone a hug.  We then met her mission president and his wife and a few of the other missionaries that were there.  Nik did a great job taking all of the pictures for us.  We are glad he was able to be our photographer!

After collecting her luggage we all headed to the car for lunch.  We decided to go to The Garden on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building.  I have to say it was pretty cool eating up there.

The food was really good and there was hardly anyone up there which made it nice.  They even opened the roof so it was like we were eating outside.  So cool!

After lunch we finally headed home!  Jenna got to see the big banner on the garage and the Louisiana flag.  She also got to meet Lucy!  Lucy just has the ability to make everyone smile and laugh.

Check out that missionary tan line!

We played horse and just had a fun time relaxing outside and then Jenna was released by the stake president.  I am so proud of Jenna for serving a mission.  We are definitely going to take a road trip back to Louisiana and North Carolina!  Thanks so much for taking all the pictures Nik!

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