Friday, October 10, 2014

devotional surprise

Tuesday afternoon about two weeks ago, when I got out of devotional I called Nik to tell him I was going into the library to study.  He kept asking if I was going home to eat or get something.  He then told me to come see him.  He surprised me in Rexburg again!

We checked on the car to see if there were any parking tickets on it.  Luckily there weren't any so we decided to go to Kiwi Loco.  Mmm it was so yummy.  I don't really like coconut things but their coconut frozen yogurt was delicious.

Nik and I then went over to the park and worked on some homework.  Nik helped me read my Hinduism homework.  It was great to have him here to help explain all the confusing terms.  Since Nik didn't feel good earlier he hadn't eaten anything all day and was starving.  We went to Skeeters and got some hot dogs and fries.  We thought that the hot dogs had chili on them but it turned out they had gross green chili's on them.

Wednesday morning I went to my classes.  Nik met me for my third class which was personal health and wellness.  He thought it was my religion class and once he found out it wasn't he left to go hang out with Jenna haha.  After that Nik met me and we walked to my world religion class together.  I wanted him to come to the class because we were starting our Hinduism unit.

In class someone asked a question about the red dots Hindu's wear on their forehead.  My teacher didn't really know the specific reason so I asked Nik if he did and told him to comment.  Nik raised his hand and told the class that he converted from Hinduism and immediately everyone turned and looked at him.  My teacher just seemed so amazed and asked Nik a lot of questions.  I was pretty proud of Nik!

The rest of the week we spent a lot of time together having the best of times.  We went swimming at beaver dick with Jenna, swimming at Heise hot springs, bowling after class, hammocking, the dog shelter, and so many more other fun things!  Oh, Nik also changed the battery in our car.  Thank you so much Nik!

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