Saturday, October 11, 2014

general conference

Last weekend was so great because it was general conference and it was our first time watching it together!  We decided to go downtown Sunday morning and try to get in to the conference center.  Nik picked me up around 8 and we headed over to hop on the trax.  We have been wanting to take the trax somewhere so we thought this would be a great opportunity.

As we were waiting for the trax there was this sketchy looking guy walking around all the cars.  He was looking in all the windows seeing if there was anything he could steal.  We were a little skeptical leaving Nik's car there haha.

We made it downtown and started asking people if they had any extra tickets.  Some people right behind us got some so we just kept walking around asking people hoping to get some.  After unsuccessfully getting no tickets we got in the standby line and watched conference in the tabernacle.

Even though we couldn't watch conference in the conference center it was still such a great experience.  I loved listening to conference with Nik and feeling the spirit.  We both received answers to prayers and lots of guidance and counsel.

We took the trax back home and then watched the afternoon session at my house.  It was one of my favorite conference weekends because I got to spend it with Nik!  We can't wait for next general conference in April and maybe we will get tickets!

One of our goals from conference is that we are going to listen to a talk or two every week and start to apply it into our lives.  I know that both Nik and my testimony were strengthened so much while watching conference.  We can't wait to read all the talks again!

By the way, this was the first conference that speakers could speak in their native language and I have to say that was pretty dang sweet.

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