Sunday, October 26, 2014

train tracks

Tuesday morning while in class I just had this feeling that Nik was going to come up to Rexburg for the week and surprise me.  I got home from class and called Jenna to see if she had already eaten lunch.  She seemed to be acting a little funny but I just ignored it.  A few minutes later Jenna came walking into my apartment and Nik was behind her.

Nik said I had the biggest smile on my face as he walked in and gave me a hug.  I was in shock even though I had this feeling all along that Nik would be coming up that day.  He even made it just in time for us to go to devotional.  How thoughtful!

After devotional we worked on some homework.  We didn't leave campus until later so we decided to go out to dinner since it was pretty late.  We went to Original Thai and it was delicious.  I definitely felt like I was in Thailand with Nik and we were traveling the world.  I can't wait for that day.

After dinner we went to Broulim's and bought a dozen donuts.  We enjoyed them with Jenna's roommates and then gave the rest to my roommates.  Since it was Tuesday night I had to do my clean check and Nik was kind enough to help me.  The kitchen was spotless after we were done cleaning.  Wish it was like that every day haha.  Just waiting for the day when Nik and I have our own apartment.

Wednesday after class Nik and I headed to Idaho Falls.  I just wanted to get out of Rexburg for a little while.  It's hard for me to stay in such a small town for a while.  I feel claustrophobic and stuck in this tiny college town haha.  We went to Sam's Club and just had a blast walking around.  We even found a few perfect couches for our apartment.  If only we had an apartment now!  We also went to the mall since I had a gift card to Bohme.  I didn't see anything I liked but Nik saw a shirt he liked so I tried it on and loved it.  He has some good style. :)

Around 11:30 Nik had this crazy idea to go get hot chocolate.  I thought we would just go to a gas station or the cocoa lodge.  Instead, he drove to Paradise Donuts and I told him it was probably closed.  We went in and got fresh donuts that had just come out of the oven and delicious hot chocolate.  I had peppermint and Nik got mexican.  Man it was the most delicious thing ever.  So glad Nik has these crazy ideas.

Thursday afternoon Nik and I went onto campus and played ping pong, foosball, and air hockey.  We had the best time and were laughing the whole time.  I love how we can always laugh and have a good time even if we are terrible at something.  We definitely need to get a ping pong table in our house one day.

While we were playing ping pong Nik went into the bathroom so I waited for him in the hallway.  A few minutes had gone by and I was tired of standing so I went and sat down.  The minutes kept going by and he just wasn't coming out of the bathroom.  I was thinking he passed out or something and was thinking about sending someone in to find him.  He came out a while later and said he had a bloody nose and a piece of his watch broke off so he was looking for it.  Haha oh Nik. :)

We went to the stadium and worked out Thursday night.  We ran up the stadium stairs a few times and then jogged around the track.  It was hard for me to breathe with the crisp fall air.  Luckily Nik was there for me.  After working out we went and stuffed ourselves with some delicious pizza pie.  There's nothing like their oreo pizza.

When we heard the honking haha.

Friday afternoon was pretty warm out so we decided to go to the train tracks and take some pictures.  I haven't used my camera in a while and I sure did miss it.  It was kind of scary getting up into the train haha.  While we were taking pictures on the tracks the horn started honking so we got off the track.  It honked the whole way through Rexburg and ended up going on a different track.  We got back on and took a few more pictures when we saw a light and more honking.  This time we knew we were on the track that the train was coming.

We had a blast taking photos and then going up to the temple and taking some photos there.  I am so glad that Nik surprised me and came up to Rexburg for the week.  He can always make me laugh and smile even if I am in a terrible mood.  I love you so much Nik.

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