Sunday, November 9, 2014


For halloween this year I decided to go home and celebrate it with Nik.  I got to his house and his mom had cooked me the most amazing meal.  Fried chicken, rice, and my favorite onion/cucumber/avocado salad.  Man, I was in heaven it was so delicious.  I wish I could eat it all the time it is so good.

We headed over to Fear Factory after dinner.  It is an old cement factory and many people died there while working.  Abby, Middu, and Linesh came with us.  As we headed into the haunted house they gave us this small red light and said to not use our phones at all and keep them in our pockets.  We started going and all of a sudden our light stopped working and it was pitch black.  We pulled out our phones to try and get the light working again but it was broken.

We found another group behind us and tagged along with them since it was so dark we could barely see anything.  I didn't think the haunted house was that scary.  It was scary at some points but not enough for me to scream haha.

There was one point where you turn the corner and this loud noise goes off and then they spray mist.  It hit me right in the face and I was dripping wet.  It didn't scare me but it was kinda gross haha.  It was also really foggy in there so it made it hard to breathe.

There were tons and tons of stairs that we had to climb.  When we came to the very top we had to go down a slide individually.  It was kind of scary to end up at the bottom by yourself but Nik was always there next to me. :)

At the very end there was this weird blow up thing that sucked you into it.  It was so weird but so cool at the same time.  When we came out we were in a big tunnel and these lights started flashing really fast.  Plus they played train track noises really loud.  I think that was one of the scariest parts of the haunted house haha.

I would definitely say this has been one of my very favorite Halloweens.  Even though the haunted house wasn't very scary I loved being inside with Nik.  He led our group and helped me to not be scared at all.  Can't wait for all of our future Halloweens together!