Saturday, December 27, 2014

christmas time

I would have to say this was one of my favorite Christmas's because I got to spend it with Nik!  Christmas eve I went over to Nik's house.  I opened my gifts from him.  He gave me a nice soft-shell jacket, a portable heater, a batman t-shirt, and a necklace of the Salt Lake temple.  I would have to say one of my favorites was the necklace of the temple.  I had no idea that he got it for me and I just thought it was so special.  However, I loved all my gifts from Nik!

Afterwards we went over to my house to open his gifts with my siblings.  I gave Nik some camo moccasins, car mats, a polo shirt, and a knit sweater.  I think the camo moccasins were one of his favorites because they were such a surprise to him.

After playing games with my family and everyone opened their gifts I took Nik back home.  While we were outside his house I gave him his last gift.  It was a deck of cards with 52 things I loved about him written on them.  He loved it so much it made him so happy.  I loved seeing how meaningful the gift was to him and how much he loved it.

Christmas morning we woke up to a white Christmas!  I opened up gifts and enjoyed spending time with my family while Nik spent time with his family.  Since it was the first time snowing in a few weeks we decided to go sledding and enjoy the beautiful snow.  Nik drove over to our house and we went down to Mountview park to do some sledding.  We had so much fun and felt like we were little kids all over again.

The park didn't have very much snow left on the hill so we decided to go over to Flat Iron park instead because it was a steeper hill and hopefully there was more snow on it.  We had a blast sledding down this hill too.  It was a little hard to go down the hill and not hit anyone haha.  On our last run down the hill I did a few rolls and twisted my ankle pretty bad.

After sledding we headed over to Nik's house.  We had a delicious dinner with his family.  I love his mom's cooking so much.  It is so delicious and I am always craving it.  I most definitely need to learn how to cook some yummy Tamil food.

Overall this was such a great Christmas.  I wish I could have gotten home from school earlier so that we had more time to spend together.  Can't wait until next year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

feeling 22

Since Nik's birthday was on a Sunday this year he picked me up and then we went over to his house to open presents before church.  I decided to surprise him and go to church with him.  Since it was the Sunday before Christmas he thought I would go with my family since we were all together but instead I decided to go with him to his ward!

I gave him a new set of scriptures with his name engraved on them, a nice winter coat, and a flannel shirt.  I loved seeing his reaction to all the gifts.

He had no idea that I was going to get him the scriptures.  A day or so before his birthday he asked if we could go look at scriptures and buy a set for his birthday.  I told him that they were pretty expensive and that I had already bought a couple things for him and didn't know if I had the money for them.  It was the best surprise ever!

The coat and the flannel shirt look great on him too and will help keep him warm during these cold winter months.  Man if I had endless amounts of money I would buy him everything he ever wanted.  I'll just have to wait for that day. ;)

After church we went to my house for dinner, played games with my family, and then headed over to Nik's house to have cake with his family.  Most of his family was working during the day so they just decided to get together that evening to celebrate.

The next day I took Nik to Zaxby's for lunch so that he could feel like he was back in North Carolina haha.  We had a great time and loved it there.  I thought it was pretty tasty and thought it was fun eating something that Nik ate while on his mission.

After lunch we picked up Abby, Jenna, and Emily to head to the tree of life in Draper.  It wasn't too chilly out but as soon as we stepped outside at the park it was freeing cold!  We ran over to take a couple pictures but it was so cold we could barely stand it.

We tried to take some jumping pictures but most of them were fails haha.  Plus we didn't care that much because the wind was so bitter cold we were freezing our butts off.  We had a great time laughing though.

Overall it was a great birthday weekend for Nik.  I played him Taylor Swift's 22 song and he loved it.  We even got to celebrate for two days since we couldn't do a bunch of fun stuff on Sunday haha.  Can't wait to celebrate his next birthday!

Laughing and being crazy as normal.

Friday, December 5, 2014

thanksgiving & black friday

Thanksgiving morning I headed over to Nik's house to surprise him and kidnap him to my house for Thanksgiving dinner.  We were both a little upset at each other for stupid little reasons but I really wanted Nik to come for Thanksgiving.  I had spent all day Wednesday helping little grandpa and my parents get ready.  I helped them bake two pumpkin pies and the turkey.

She loved his watch :)

Nik got ready while I put away all of his laundry and then we headed to my house for dinner.  Nik loved seeing his two favorite girls, Lucy and Brexlee and of course me haha.  We stuffed ourselves with a delicious dinner.  My favorite part was the yams and jello.  It was so yummy we both just kept going back for more and more.  My first time helping cook a turkey was successful!

After eating we watched a couple movies with all of the cousins.  We started watching Monsters University which we were really enjoying.  We went upstairs to say goodbye to grandma and when we came back down they had turned on The Lego Movie.  Let me just say it is one of the weirdest movies ever.  We decided to leave because it was so annoying.

Instead we decided to go black Friday shopping!  First we headed to Walmart to look at the movies and beats headphones.  We couldn't find the cheap movies, they were sold out of beats, and the line was super long so we decided to leave and go over to Target.  We didn't find anything we really liked so we just decided to go back home.

As I was driving Nik home we decided to stop at another Walmart with his siblings.  We found some good movies that Jenna wanted so we bought them for her.  :) Nik picked me up at 6:50 Friday morning to run to Sam's Club.  Nik bought his family a pre-lit Christmas tree.  We had a blast shopping around and being crazy.

We went to Nik's house after and I set up their Christmas tree while Nik fell asleep on the couch haha.  The tree came with pre-lit white lights so we added some colored lights into it.  It was so pretty, we just loved it!  The white lights even sparkle which was a definite plus haha.

Sunday afternoon I decided to surprise Nik at church.  I got there a few minutes late and realized that it was the 5th Sunday so it was a combined relief society/priesthood meeting.  I looked into the room and couldn't find Nik or any seat at the back.  I texted Nik to try to give him a hint but he didn't get it so I just waited outside listening to the speaker.

After the lesson people got up to take a break so I ran in and found Nik.  He was so surprised to see me I thought he was in shock haha.  The rest of church was amazing.  The speakers were great and I just loved being at church with Nik again.  I'm so thankful for the gospel.

After church we headed to my house where we ate dinner with my family, took pictures by our Christmas tree and then I was off for the last three weeks of the semester.  We can't wait to celebrate Thanksgiving next year together!