Sunday, February 22, 2015

the proposal

Valentine's day Nik came over in the morning to pick me up.  He said he had a few things planned but couldn't tell me what we were doing.  He brought me some beautiful dark red roses, some dove chocolate, and a maple bar.  He sure knows how to make my day!

We headed over to Brickyard to Pro Nailz.  Nik thought it would be nice for me to get my nails done since I've never had them done before.  We picked out a really pretty red.  The lady started filing my nails and then pulled out the fake acrylic nails.  She couldn't understand me very well so I turned over to Nik with a terrified look on my face and told him to stop her.  I didn't want to get fake nails so I was freaking out inside.  Luckily she stopped and the rest of the time went by well.  She gave me a hand massage and it was my favorite part of the whole thing.  Nik said I looked so relaxed while she was giving me the massage.

Later in the day Nik suggested that we should go take some pictures together downtown.  It was really nice weather so we headed down before the sunset.  While we were driving down I thought we were going to go take pictures at some graffiti spots Nik found.  He had to do a school project about the graffiti in Salt Lake and he found some pretty cool spots.

Instead we ended up at Temple Square.  Nik set up the camera and we took a few photos together.  Nik wanted to go take a photo together at the pedestal but there was a bride and groom there taking pictures.  After that people just kept coming and I could tell Nik was getting anxious.  I just wanted to move on and not take a picture at the pedestal.

We finally had the opportunity to go take our picture up there.  We took a few photos on self timer together.  Nik set the timer and ran to get in the photo.  I didn't see the blinking on the camera so I told him the self timer wasn't working.  He said it was okay and that he just had a video to show me.

The night before Nik showed me a video that he made.  It was a timeline of our lives together.  It had pictures from high school on up until now.  I loved it because it was so meaningful and sweet.  I thought he was going to propose Friday night after showing me that video but he was just tricking me.

The video he showed me at temple square was more pictures of us together.  It was some of my very favorite pictures and I loved it.  At the end of the video Nik asked if I wanted to get engaged tonight.  I said yes but was confused because he told me earlier that he didn't have the ring.  He told me that we weren't getting engaged until March.  Earlier that day I didn't believe him because I always thought it would happen on Valentine's.  While we were driving downtown to take photos I decided that it wasn't going to happen today because Nik said he felt so bad disappointing me about waiting until March.

Nik then got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.  Of course I said yes, without a doubt.  There were a few people around on the side that saw so they cheered and congratulated us.  I was really impressed that Nik recorded the whole thing.  I thought it was very clever of him.

After calling my family and telling them the great news we headed to dinner at Zupas.  We love Zupas because that's where we went on our first date to morp.  This was one of the best Valentine's and I can't wait to spend the rest with Nik by my side.

I can't wait to spend eternity with you Nik Alaguretnam!  I love you so much, my fiance!