Thursday, August 6, 2015

honeymoon - las vegas!

The morning after our wedding we started on the road for our honeymoon.  Our first stop was Las Vegas!!  Nik has never been anywhere in the US besides Utah, Idaho, and North Carolina so he was super excited to be traveling.  I can tell that we are going to travel a lot together!

It seemed like it took us forever to get to Vegas.  We checked into our hotel room and then decided to go swimming to cool down for a bit.  We stayed at Oasis at Gold Spike.  We found a really good deal online and it was actually pretty nice.  They even had a llama on their shampoo and soap which made us happy because llamas are our favorite!

Later that evening we drove around the strip on our way to the high roller.  The high roller is the world's largest ferris wheel and you can see all of Vegas because it goes 550 feet high!  Before going on the ferris wheel we walked around town for a little bit and found a place to eat.

I'd have to say that going on the high roller was actually pretty cool.  Once it started getting up high Nik and I both got a little sick because it shakes a little to stay flat.  The view was super cool though because of all the Vegas lights and hotels.

The next morning we drove down the strip and saw all the popular hotels.  We then went over and saw the classic welcome to Las Vegas sign.  Surprisingly I had never seen it before so it was fun for both of us to see it together!  Nik and I grabbed some lunch at In-N-Out and then headed on our way to our next stop, San Diego!

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