Thursday, August 20, 2015

honeymoon - newport beach!

Our next few days in Newport were quite an adventure.  We checked into our hotel and it was nothing what we expected.  It stunk, was really dark, and pretty much just awful.  Nik and I decided to go down to the beach since we were about a ten minute drive.  As soon as we started driving we realized that was a mistake.  We were driving around Newport for about two hours looking for a parking spot and just stuck in terrible traffic.  By the time we parked we were starving so we walked around until we found a place that was still open to eat.

The next day we decided we wanted to go fishing on the pier.  We went to walmart and bought some fishing gear and then headed to Huntington beach to start our fishing adventure.  Nik tried for a while and didn't have any luck.  I decided to give it a try and felt something start pulling on the fishing pole.  It started pulling pretty hard and was quite heavy.  Unfortunately, as I started reeling it in it fell off the hook and we didn't catch anything.

The US Surfing Open was going on and it was so cool to see.  There were huge waves and some great surfers.  It made the beach really crowded but was really fun to see.  After fishing for a couple hours we decided it was time for a break and we went swimming!

I have never been a big fan of the ocean but after swimming with Nik I have been dreaming of going back I loved it so much.  The waves were huge and I helped Nik conquer his fear of water.  We swam under the big crashing waves and had the best time.  Since the beach was so crowded we had to put out towels and bag close to the water.  A huge wave came in and almost took all of our belongings.  It sure was a pain cleaning up all the sand haha.

Afterwards we headed over to Balboa Island.  We got a frozen banana which was pretty good just super cold on our teeth.  Nik and I then went to a great Mexican place for dinner.  We'd have to say that Southern California has some of the best Mexican food since it is right next to Mexico.  We haven't found any Mexican food as good!

I was determined that we would catch a fish before we headed home the next morning so we headed to Newport beach pier to do some night fishing.  It was a lot colder than we expected but we stuck it out.  We saw a few different people catching sting rays which was a cool experience!  After waiting around for a while something started pulling on our pole again.  We were so excited that we were about to catch something but it fell off our hook again.  We can't wait to go back and catch something for real this time.

The next morning I woke up around 3:30 really sick to my stomach.  After taking some medicine we decided to just leave since we were already up and probably wouldn't get much more sleep.  Nik was the best and drove us all the way home while I slept and tried to feel better.

Overall, our honeymoon was so much fun!  Nik and I are definitely looking forward to going back and visiting San Diego and Newport area again.  We have been dreaming of the ocean and can't wait for more adventures.  We are so excited to travel the world together!

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