Monday, September 28, 2015


We have been trying to get into fishing lately and I'll have to say it's been a fail but a lot of fun.  Nik grew up fishing in the ocean and loved it so we thought we'd try in Utah.  However, fishing in lakes and rivers is a lot different than fishing in the ocean.

We tried fishing in the ocean while on our honeymoon but didn't catch anything.  We had a couple nibbles and two fish that fell off the hook so we were a little successful.  That's what started our interest in fishing!

So far we have tried fishing in Utah Lake, Silver Lake, and Jordan River.  We haven't had any luck so far but we will catch a fish one day!  I'm determined that we won't give up until we catch one.

It was so nice up at Silver Lake.  It was a little chilly but the perfect fall weather in the warm sun.  It's so pretty driving up the canyon to see all the leaves changing colors.  We can't wait to start all our fall adventures.

Last weekend it was our high school's homecoming game so we decided to go watch the football game.  It was fun to watch even though there's a brand new school and nothing looks the same as when we went to school there.

We also had the chance to take Nik's little brother's homecoming pictures.  It was fun to remember back to our high school days and going to morp and prom together.  I sure do miss those good old times.  So glad I married this high school sweetheart of mine.

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