Wednesday, September 16, 2015

the reception

After the sealing we headed to Wheeler Farm for our reception.  My family was amazing and helped plan and setup all the decorations.  We did everything from the chairs and tables to all the small details and decorations.  I'd have to say all the decorations turned out way better than I ever thought they would.  Even the workers at Wheeler Farm said the way we decorated was their very favorite and they see a wedding in there almost every night!

Billy did all of the signs outside and we were all impressed.  They looked so good!  We're so glad we have someone artistic in the family now. ;)

Nik and I wanted to get some pictures together around Wheeler Farm before the reception started.  We wanted the famous picture with the tall rows of trees but we found out that the farm removed the trees a few weeks before.  We were super bummed!

We wanted to get more pictures with our families but guests started showing up early so we ran out of time.  Luckily we got a few good ones of us together!

I would say the centerpieces on each table were one of my favorite decorations.  We bought about eight bouquets from Costco and then divided each bouquet among two mason jars.  They turned out so beautiful and weren't too costly either.  The little candles on each table gave the perfect little touch as well.

We decided to cater Indian food from Saffron Valley to make it unique and fit in with Nik's culture.  We also got a variety of cookies from Granite Bakery.  Nik and I were too busy to try any of the Indian food but we heard that it was delicious.  The cookies were a big hit too.

Another one of my favorite decorations was our big initials.  We found them at Hobby Lobby for a great deal.  Originally we were going to put them on the fireplace but my dad had this great idea to hang them from the wood.  They looked so great with the hung lights and the curtain backdrop.

You have to love the lights and the lit up curtain backdrop.  It made it feel so magical.  The lighting is such an important key and sets the mood!

We got our cake from Sweet Tooth Fairy and people told my family that it was super good.  We got a tiny bite and then guests ate the rest of the cake haha.  Jenna and Billy did the flower decorations on top and it made the cake look super good.  I really wanted to stuff a whole piece of cake in Nik's face but decided not to since I didn't want cake on my face. :)

My grandma made my garter for me which made it extra special.  I got to design it with her and I loved it.  Nik surprised everyone and when he came out with the garter he had a little stuffed minion.  It was funny to see the looks on all the guests faces.

After we danced Nik and I changed into our Tamil clothing.  We wanted to incorporate his culture into the wedding so it was a lot of fun.  I loved wearing the sari and we looked so great together.

Since we changed into our Tamil outfits everyone wanted pictures with us.  We took what seemed like endless pictures.  We were so happy when we were finally done!

My parents surprised us with these confetti cannons as we were leaving.  All this confetti exploded above us and it was so cool.  Since there was so much confetti we were pretty much eating it while walking out haha.

We had the best wedding day!  From time at the sealing to the reception it was all so much fun.  We are so thankful for everyone who came and for those that helped make it possible.

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  1. Congrats again you guys ❤ what a beautiful day for a beautiful couple!