Sunday, November 1, 2015

fall adventures

A few weeks ago we went on a drive up little cottonwood canyon to see the fall leaves changing colors.  The weather has been switching a lot this year between hot and cold so the trees weren't their normal bright colors but it was still fun.

It was cool to see Alta with no snow and to drive along the paths where we would normally be skiing.  We are so blessed to live so close to such beautiful mountains.

I can't wait to take Nik skiing for his first time this year!  A few weekends ago we decided to go on a drive through the alpine loop.  We brought Lucy for our little adventure because she loves car rides.

We pulled over for a minute and there were a bunch of deer just a few feet from the car.  Lucy had her head out the window and was so fascinated by the deer.

We sure love this big cuddle bug.  It's so much fun to take her on adventures with us.  She's always smiling and having the best time ever.

When we got to the end we decided to take the trail over to Midway and drive back through Park City.  It was a little scary driving along a dirt and rock road along the side of a mountain but we safely made it back.

We were all so tired when we made it back home.  We had such a nice time driving up the canyon and it was so much fun with Lucy!

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