Monday, November 16, 2015

sweet 'n sour - november

Made Grandma Keeley's cake and it looked like a complete disaster.
Burnt our pressure cooker and it smelled horrible.
Working two jobs. 
Crazy work and school schedules.
Freezing cold temperatures at work.
Preparing a talk for church on late notice.
Not being able to see the sunrise at work anymore due to daylight savings.

Nik got a job at TOSH which is close to home, weekends off, and good for school schedule.
I started my career as a security analyst.
Ice cream cones for dinner after we burnt it in the pressure cooker.
Going to the temple with Emily.
Turning on our little space heater when we get out of the shower while getting ready in the morning.
Making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
Spending time with family and Lucy.
Taking the trax to work and reading a conference talk on the way.
Nik cooking dinner for us while I work late.

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