Wednesday, December 23, 2015

happy birthday!

Nik turned 23 on Monday!  We had a great time celebrating with friends, family, and each other.  We went to my house Sunday evening to celebrate with my family.  It was so fun to watch Nik's expression while he opened his gifts.

Birthdays were always my favorite when I was growing up because I always got so spoiled from my family.  I can't wait to spoil Nik every year.  :)  After celebrating at my house we headed over to celebrate with Nik's family.

Monday evening Nik opened the gifts I got him.  I loved seeing how happy and surprised he was at the gifts.  He had no clue I was going to get him a few things he had been wanting for a while.  Giving gifts brings so much joy.

We had a delicious dinner at Tsunami.  We even got a free dessert and it was so delicious!  We wanted to go downtown and look at the Christmas lights but it was freezing cold and super windy so we headed back home for a nice evening together.  Happy Birthday, Nik!  I can't wait to celebrate your 100th birthday with you!

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