Sunday, February 21, 2016

sweet 'n sour - february

Our bathtub leaking to the apartment below us.
Always getting sick.
Russian plumbers barging into our apartment.
Our uncomfortable couch.
Coughing every time I go outside in the cold.
How expensive movie theatres and popcorn is.
Walmart potatoes = gross.

Kung Fu Panda 3.
President's day - no work or school!
Going to the Midway ice castles.
Celebrating Valentine's day.
Planning summer vacations!
Spring weather coming.
Taking time to watch the sunset off our balcony.
Cuddling with Lucy.
Playing cricket.
Eating delicious homemade dinners.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

ice castles

We went to the ice castles in Midway a couple days ago and it was pretty cool!  It's amazing how people are so creative and come up with these things.  Not to mention how much time and energy goes into making the ice castles.

I loved walking into each little ice cave and looking at all the icicles.  It was a little scary at times because they are right above your head, so big, and sharp.  You never really knew if one was going to fall or drip on you.

Since we went right before the sun was about to go down we got to see the ice castles in the daylight and in the dark when they turned the lights on inside.  I'm glad we got to see both sides!

They added two slides this year which was pretty cool.  It was a little difficult to go down unless you had on snow pants.  Otherwise you got stuck halfway down and had to push yourself the rest of the way down haha.

It was fun that we all got to go together and celebrate grandma's birthday!  We even had a delicious meal afterwards in Heber at Wasatch Back Grill and Deli.  Can't wait to go on more adventures together!