Sunday, June 26, 2016

taylorsville days

At the last minute we decided to go watch the fireworks at Taylorsville Days!  It was our first time going and it was a lot of fun.  There were lots of rides, treats, little shops, and music.  The rides looked a little sketchy but it made us excited to go to Lagoon this summer.  Next year we'll have to come out earlier so we can experience all of the fun during the day.

I'd have to say the firework show was pretty good.  I don't think anything can beat the Idaho Falls 4th of July fireworks!  We enjoyed watching all the different colors and shapes.  Fireworks always amaze me because they're so unique and so much fun to watch on a summer night.  I'll have to work on getting some better pictures of fireworks this summer.

After the fireworks we headed back to the car but there were tons of cars and we waited for quite a while without moving an inch so we decided to go back and walk around.  We waited in line for some time to get a funnel cake but they ran out!  We'll have to go back next year to get some funnel cake!  We finally headed back to the car an hour later and were able to move our car over to the line to get out.

We can't wait to see some fireworks next weekend for the 4th of July and have many more adventures!  We've already had so much fun this summer even though it is just flying by.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

california adventure

Sometimes you just have to escape for the weekend to go relax on the beach.  Last weekend we left a little after 8 in the evening to head to California!  We drove through the night and ended up at our hotel the next morning.  We stayed at Marriott and they were very kind and let us check into our room at 6 in the morning.  Nothing quite like checking into your hotel 9 hours before check-in.  It was the best thing ever!

After taking a little nap to recover from driving all night we headed to Seal Beach.  We had some delicious ice cream from Paradis ice cream.  We got cantaloupe and strawberry and it was so delicious.  We're still daydreaming of the cantaloupe flavor.  Afterwards we headed up to Long Beach.

Later in the afternoon we drove over to Newport Beach.  Nik swam for a bit and I enjoyed relaxing on the beach.  We always love walking on the pier, watching the surfers, people watching, and watching the fishermen.

We saw a sea lion while on the pier so it was a lot of fun.  We want to go to a beach with a bunch of sea lions one day!  We reminisced of our honeymoon, walking along the beach, and the great time we had in California almost a year ago.

The next morning we headed over to Laguna Beach.  It was our first time and we loved the tide pools and how it is different from the other beaches.  There were tons of tiny red tuna crabs washed up on the beach.  It was cool to see them and some crabs!

The tide pool volunteers said that the tuna crabs usually end up on beaches down in Mexico but since the climate has been changing so much they have been showing up in California for the last little while.  It was quite a unique experience.

There were some dogs on the beach there and they were so fun to watch.  There was a golden that would go around and eat all the tuna crabs.  It was so funny watching and hearing him chew them all.  We can't wait to take Lucy to the beach next year!

Afterwards we headed over to Corona Del Mar!  It was our first time at this beach as well and we had a lot of fun there.  We loved seeing all the boats come and leave the harbor.  We had a lot of fun swimming at the beach.  It was very fun to swim in the waves from the passing boats.

Next we headed up to Huntington beach.  This was one of our favorite beaches on our last trip but the waves were very big and the current was very strong this time.  Nik swam and said it was scary at times.  We saw a police officer get his car stuck in the sand and we had a good laugh watching him get pulled out by the lifeguards.

Later on we saw a helicopter searching the beach.  It turns out that a shark bit someone at Corona Del Mar an hour after we left!  The helicopter was searching each beach along the coast and then shut down all of them up to Huntington.  So scary because that's right where we were swimming!

We enjoyed watching the sunset on the beach for our last night.  Even though it was a short trip it was so much fun.  Sometimes you just need to get away for the weekend and forget about everything.  Thanks for the best weekend getaway!