Sunday, August 7, 2016

lake powell

Over the 4th of July we went to Lake Powell with the Schmutz clan!  It was our first trip together as a married couple with my whole family so we had lots of fun.  We sure missed Emily a lot but are looking forward to next year!  We had lots of yummy food, laughs, and made some great memories.

One of my favorite things is going down and seeing the Glen Canyon Dam.  It's crazy to see how big it is.  Also my favorite beach is very close.  It has the best sand and it is such a beautiful color.

One evening we went to horseshoe bend.  It is quite a unique sight to see and kinda scary.  People were hanging off the sides of the cliff that dropped 400 feet down.  So scary!  I don't remember it being so scary last time I went.

We tried out a new tube from Costco and we'd have to say it was a little scary at times.  As soon as you went outside the wake and hit a small wave you'd go flying in the air.  Nik, Billy, and Andrew got some air and flipped over!

We got a GoPro a few weeks before the trip so we had lots of fun using it in the water and testing it out!  We'll have to go on more adventures soon so that we can use it more often.

We headed up to Rainbow bridge since it was Nik and Billy's first time seeing it.  It's always so beautiful to see.  I always forget that it's a million degrees hiking/walking up to it too.

Since our new tube was a little crazy we're glad we brought our other two tubes.  It's always fun to tube with a lot of people and we had a blast tubing!

It's so hard going through all the photos because there are so many good ones to choose from.  You know you had a great time when you have so many photos!

Overall we had a great time at Lake Powell.  Nik made an awesome video of our trip that you can check out HERE.  I'd have to say he has some great skill putting it together!  We are already looking forward for next year and the adventures that we'll have.  We're so grateful we could go on this trip with my whole family!

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